Faces of Mold Video


As a victim of toxic mold exposure, I would like to help others like me who are suffering from this often misdiagnosed and misunderstood illness.  I intend to do this by showing others that we are regular normal people from all backgrounds, races, ages, professions, incomes, etc., by producing a video showing the “faces” of mold.  This video will be available to those who are conducting lectures and educational or informative events relating to toxic mold exposure and fungal illness.  It may also be uploaded to mold sites and/or sites like “you tube”.

What I need in order to produce this video are “face shots” of people who have been affected by mold.   These photos can be before, during, and/or after you became sick from mold.  The point I will try to convey to those that view the video is that WE ARE JUST LIKE OTHER PEOPLE and if we got sick from mold, they can also get sick from mold.  

Some people have sent me photos of various parts of their body that were severely affected.  While these are good to have and I will use them, I would also like a full-face photo to accompany these if possible.  Please include your first name and, if you wish, additonal information, including how your body has been affected.  (Cancer, stroke, immune deficiency, brain injury, etc.)  Send the (high resolution is best) digital photo (Jpeg) and accompanying info to:  facesofmold@gmail.com.

You will receive no compensation for your photo or information, and by sending the info to me, you give your permission to be included in the video.  I am receiving no monetary contribution from any party for the production and distribution of “Faces of Mold”.

Discretion is left up to the producer of the video as to what photos and information are included in “Faces of Mold”, and it is my intent to include all photos sent to me if possible. 

Are you moldy too?