Informational Videos and links for mold, lyme, MCS, and Cancer

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War on Health–Is your medicine killing you???

Dr. Campbell, Effect of mycotoxins on body.

Dr. Campbell, Effect of mycotoxins on body II.

Dr. Crago, Effect of mycotoxins/chemicals on brain.

What are bacterial biofilms?   (co-infections associated with mold/lyme) 

Dr. Eva Sapi-Bacterial biofilms and lyme

Medical Ozone Therapy for lyme

Ozone Treatment for cancer

How ozone treatment works in the body

Ozone therapy compilation

Dr. Simoncini, Cancer is a Fungus. 

Dr. Burzynski, Cancer Treatment Movie, (link to purchase movie).

Dr. Burzynski’s treatment cures cancer-but child dies from radiation     There are alternatives to toxic chemo/radiation! 

Dr. Ziem, Chemical Injury.

Nevada Health Inspector Dies From Mold Exposure

 Mold Facts.

Mold Symptoms.

Mold in Military Housing.

The Environmental Solution, safe and effective remediation.

Did Brittney Murphy die from mold exposure?

Chemtrails revealed.

Are chemtrails “marking” specific areas? Why?

Bus driver exposed to “pesticide” contracts MCS.

Living in a “chemical soup”.

“Top ten” toxins to avoid….indoors .

Foods that detox the body.

Dr. Oz’s Green Drink-only thing missing is a CARROT.

Watermelon juicing is GREAT for lymph system!

Lymphatic drainage massage.

Lymphatic drainage you can do yourself.

Coffee enema for detoxing liver

Coffee/glutathione suppository and powerful detoxifying effects.